How much Silver is in a Silver Dollar – Performance in 2013

How much Silver is in a Silver Dollar – Looking Back on 2013

Silver is one of the widely used precious metals that are continuously being patronized by many people. It is used to make jewelry, appliances, medical materials and equipment, musical instruments, as well as a medium of currency.  Silver coins are just one of the products of silver. It is a valuable international currency, which is long lasting and durable. It is also easy to be transported and traded, which make it appealing to many investors. Millions of these coins are purchased as investment year after year because of the continuous depreciation of the dollar.

Demand for Silver in 2013

In 2013, a high demand for silver coins was observed. The coins performance has greatly improved as compared to the previous year. There were a lot of investors from different parts of the world who decided to invest in these coins because of the decreasing value of the dollar. The ongoing dollar depreciation and economic issues left most big money investors no choice but to invest in hard assets just like silver coin,which undoubtedly helped boost its performance. Investors who can’t afford the skyrocketing value of gold have also opted to invest in these coins because they are relatively cheaper than gold.

The industrial demand for silver was also observed and is continuously increasing until now. Most mined silver metal are used in various applications in the market such as manufacturing of solar panels, medical instruments, electronics, and many more.

Why Invest in Silver Coins?

Smart and wise investors always diversify their investment. So, instead of keeping all your cash in your bank accounts, why not invest some in this precious metal? Silver coins are an excellent product that is ideal to invest because of their rising value. The ascending value of these coins is also one of the proofs of its improved performance in 2013. With the economic uncertainty, it is always best to protect your wealth and one of the many ways that you can do is to invest in these coins.

You can buy bonds from various companies that mine precious silver metals or you may also purchase the product itself. You can always turn to these coins whenever you experience a huge drop of currency value to protect your wealth against inflation. More so, silver coins can be used as an industrial commodity and financial investment as well.

The high demand for silver coins just proved its stellar performance in 2013. Despite of the rising demand of silver, majority of the market analysts think that there will be no physical shortage of silver. However, the appealing price tag of silver will continue to push investors to turn to these coins rather than to gold.

For those investors who prefer to keep the majority of their money in their bank accounts, think again. Recession is inevitable and can surely affect the value of your paper assets. So, if you want to keep your wealth, investing in silver coins is a great idea to protect your wealth from against inflation. With the great performance of these coins in 2013, it’ll surely attract more investors for more years to come.

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