Knowing the Future of Your Silver Dollar

We may have been fooled by the stance of our economy that in order to save your money’s worth, you invest all your cash in your savings or time deposit account. Word is on the street that the value of our dollar is slowly depreciating and we cannot provide any assurance that our cash savings will help us alleviate from such an imminent economical doom. It is of this reason why most of the investors have opted to searching better ways to secure their investment and that is through buying silver.

Indeed, the silver dollar condition in our present economy is very promising and shows very big potential in providing a lucrative return in your investment. In fact, it has already been proclaimed by the Standard Bank that those investors who are investing in the silver dollar have been steady and continuously buying silver as their investment. This only goes to show that once asked how much silver is in a silver dollar, you can fairly know the answer because of it s hopeful investment status.

But one may ask really, especially in this modern day and age where silver has been previously merely used as a commodity material, how much silver is in a silver dollar? If one attempts to find out how much on the Net, you can tell that the status of the silver dollar as based on its statistics chart is increasing in trend. In fact, one can note that within a span of 30 days, the value of silver has gone up to 19% which holds a staggering amount considering a limited shift of only just a month!

Now this alone can trigger any potential investor to invest in silver. It may even outdo the demand in gold investment. Thus, you can only predict the revolutionary change this will do to the silver mining industries of which many businessmen and investors are willing to splurge their investment in.

Among the many silver mining industries, Fortuna Silver Mines has been holding a positively consistent growth in production for up to 59% increase and it will probably grow further for up to 10% as forecasted in the year 2013 due to the good investment they have received. Also, Pan American Silver has also declared a production increase up of 25.1 M ounce of silver which is a big hit for the year 2013. Even Hecla Mining, one of the oldest in the field of mining industry has unbelievably stated that based on their all out history record, this year has allowed them to reach the highest production level.

Thus, we can only fathom that the future of silver is so promising that it can even outshine the value of our dollar since our dollar is very volatile in terms of its value. Now, investors and businessmen are now seeking a more secured way buy buying silver which is resilient to any economic change and fluctuations.

The future of silver could be our next form of economic currency, who knows. Thus, one can only be hopeful and be more aware that if you want to put all your eggs in one basket – consider the basked of buying silver.


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