Why invest on Precious Metal – Silver Dollar

The dollar is depreciating year after year, and you are making a lost by keeping the cash in you bank account. As the investment guru said; don’t place all your eggs in one basket, diversify your investment, and build a portfolio that takes advantage of the opportunities.
The theory is to allow the investor to eliminate risk in a specific industry, company or product. Such as, you don’t invest all your money in one stock or commodity, if that product down that goes all your monies. On a broader level, a wise investor does not build his/her portfolio on one or two industries, they would build on multiple sectors such as; share, properties, commodities and others.

Silver & Gold is a good product to invest as its price has been going up for the past few years. And one of the factors that driving the price up is the depreciating dollar. People will turn to bullion when the currency turned weak as a protection of their monies against inflation. Uncertainty of the euro economy also affecting the bullion price as well as the demand for industrial and jewelry on precious metals on the global markets.

Data from iShare Silver Trust, more and more investors are seeking an alternative to gold, as gold price has been skyrocket high that many people would not afford it any more. And a record of 19,114 tons of silver related products was traded. An estimated 28% rise on silver dollar to $40.25 per ounce within this year, its at $31.3325 per ounce now in London.

The best ways to invest on precious metal are; buy the stocks or bonds of the companies that mine the metal or buy the product itself. The risk of buying the stocks of this mining companies, it share may go up and down rapidly, and buying the physical product from a local shop may end up paying a premium price and you may also have to consider when you want to sell them. What kind of price they will buy back from you?

So talk to an expert before you take out your money.

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