Silver Dollar – World Silver Miners

Where are all the silver comes from?
In the year 2012 alone, total silver production was at a all time high of over 24,000 metric tons, a 28% increased over the last ten years.

Do you know that, over half of world silver production comes from Peru, Poland, Mexico, China and Australia.
Mexico was the top producer of over 4,500 metric tons
Peru and China produced over 4,000 metric tons.
And follow by Australia produced just below 2,000 metric tons of silver.
Others high producer are US, Bolivia, Chile, Poland and Russia all contributed around 1,000 to 1,400 metric tons last year.

And if you are thinking of investing on the mining company, here are the majors producer from each country;
KGHM Poiska Miedz in Poland.
BHP Billiton PLC in Australia.
Fresnillo PLC in Mexico
Goldcorp INC. & Pan American Silver in Canada.
Volcan Cia Minera SAA, Cia de Minas Buenabentura & Hochschild Mining PLC in Peru.
Polymetal International PLC in Russia
Alternatively you can also invest through an ETF such as iShares

The trend shows that, South America is coming up strong on silver mining as they produced over half of the top 12 silver miners over the world.

Who use silver?
Do you know that silver was made into chopsticks as a testing tool during the ancient time in China? Before the meals were server to the Emperor, the royal guard would used the silver chopstick to put into all dishes one by one, if the dish were poisoned the chopstick will turn black in color, a way to protect the Emperor.

Silver was used for thousands of year till now, it was used as a medium of currency and jewelry in the olden days. But at the technology age of today, silver is use in a very wide range, such as medical applications such as; in catheters to reducing bacteremia in the hospitals, treatment in gels and bandages, to kill bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi, hearing aids and dentistry fillings.
As silver is a high conductivity material its good for electrical components like; connectors for audio. It also use on batteries, cutlery, musical instruments like saxophones and flutes and more.

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